Protect Your Home and Health with the Air Fantastic Filterless Air Purifier

Air Fantastic Top Filterless Air Purifiers offers top of the line natural air and surface sanitizing technology and ease of use. Air Fantastic Purifiers use four safe ions from the air to clean and purify the air in your home safely and naturally. There are no filters to replace and no weekly collection blade cleaning. Safe and economical, one machine will treat an entire house using very little power.

Air Fantastic technology is green friendly and helps promote a healthy home by reducing airborne mold and fungus by up to 99%. Allergy sufferers will benefit with reduced symptoms from asthma and respiratory problems. Reduce surface bacteria such as MRSA, and reduce up to 99% of particulates in the air, while removing harmful chemicals, including formaldehyde and VOCs from carpet, paint, and building supplies.

Help protect your health with the safe, natural, and environmentally friendly, Air Fantastic Filterless Purifier. Compact, environmentally safe and whisper quiet, Air Fantastic technology provides a safe, low-maintenance way to improve the air quality in your home and provide long-lasting health benefits for you and your family.